How to choose your nail drill?


The essential features of the best nail drills are many and varied. To help you make the right choice, here are the key elements to consider when purchasing. Power and speed Power and rotation speed are two important criteria for an efficient sander. A minimum power of 20W is recommended for use, while a rotation speed of between 2000 and 30,000 […]

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What to look out for when buying your nail vacuum cleaner?


To achieve the perfect manicure, in addition to the essential manicure set, you also need other equipment, such as a nail vacuum cleaner. Do you know about nail vacuums? Do you know what to pay attention to when buying? Don’t panic, this article will give you ideas. Before buying your nail vacuum cleaner, keep in mind its few criteria: Suction power Not […]

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The essential equipment of the nail prosthetist


In order to work in the best conditions, the nail technician must be equipped with the necessary equipment to carry out his missions. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you the list of essential equipment for nail technicians in their work! The basic equipment of the nail technician To carry out the beauty of the nails, the nail […]

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