How to react in case of onycholysis?


If you know the origin of the nail separation (for example, you stuck your finger in a door), unfortunately there is nothing you can do immediately to reverse the process. It is possible that your nail comes off completely. You will have to be patient for your nail to grow back: 4 to 6 months will be necessary to find your former nails at the level hands, and 8 to 12 at the feet.

Today, the wholesale nail supply distributors will tell you how to react in case of onycholysis in this article. Just keep reading!

To support regrowth, you can take a course of food supplements (gummies, capsules, tablets, etc.) is always a good idea. Especially since these supplements will also act on the quality of your skin and your hair which, like your nails, is essentially composed of keratin: a little boost that is always welcome in a beauty routine.

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If you notice onycholysis on one or more nails and your hands or feet have not suffered any recent trauma, it is best to consult a podiatrist or doctor.

In all cases he will tell you the usual precautions while waiting for the disease to be treated or for a new healthy nail to grow back:

  • Take good care of your hands and feet and avoid keeping them damp to limit the risk of infection, as humidity is the breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Trim the partially detached nail regularly to prevent it from catching on your clothes or socks.You’d better invest in some manicure and pedicure sets to take care of your feet.
  • Put a bandage to protect the nail (if it is partially detached) or the nail bed (if the nail has fallen off) if necessary.

If the healthcare professional notices abnormalities in the positioning of the feet or toes, he or she may prescribe an orthosis which will correct this poor position and limit the repetition of microtrauma.

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