Where to Buy PaMu Slide Mini

Should I buy Pamu Slide Mini

I really liked Pamu Slide Plus already, but its charging box is too big for a true wireless bluetooth headset. Although it’s big and the battery capacity of the charging box is quite large – 2000mAh but I think it’s not necessary to sacrifice the size to increase the battery capacity like that. The reason the battery capacity of the 2 headsets is too much.

For the Plus table, there is also a reverse charging function for the phone, which means that your phone supports wireless charging, the box of this Plus version can charge your phone, BUT it can not wirelessly charge this box with another wireless charger, which I don’t think is necessary and I don’t think this feature is too useful.

When I saw this Mini version, I found it – GREAT! Perhaps Padmate tech finally listened to the user more while keeping all the features of the two headsets. BUT the charging box has been much smaller than the standard version.

And yet, in this Mini version can also put the charger on other wireless charging devices to charge for this box, a feature that even the Plus version does not.

Also, that is when the shortened so, the price will be cheaper than the regular version and the Plus version, on e-commerce platforms, I find mainly selling the Plus version.

More compact, more useful, convenient to carry and carry around, there is also wireless charging for it.

Pamu Slide Mini – Advantages and Disadvantages

Pamu Slide Mini has advantages, besides there are some disadvantages or it can be said that I am not satisfied like:

If you use only one ear, for example, use only the left ear, then you can only lower the volume on the headset, can not increase the volume with headphones, and the right ear too, can only increase the volume when using 1 right ear. This can be overcome if you keep the phone within reach.

However, when you are away from the phone or you are lying down and want to increase or decrease the volume, you have to pick up the phone a bit. If Pamu does a swipe up or down to increase or decrease the volume, it’s probably better.

The touch is very responsive, sometimes I want to adjust the headset to fit but easily touch the wrong Pause / Play and call the virtual assistant of the phone.

There is no button to know the remaining battery capacity of the charging box, the only way is to put the headphones in and then close the box to know the battery capacity, if Padmate can open the cover and close it and indicator light battery capacity will be more stable.


  • Good sound quality
  • Nice design, luxury
  • There type C charging port
  • Long battery life
  • There is wireless charging support for the charging box


  • Can’t increase and decrease the volume on 1 ear
  • There is no button to indicate the battery capacity of the charging box
  • Sensitive touch, easy to press wrong
  • Can’t return to the previous song

Where to buy?

You can go to stores that sell PaMu Slide Mini online to try and buy, such as one of the Padmate’s distributor Moldac, or if you do not have time, you can buy on reputable e-commerce platforms such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, and so on.

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