Top 10 Easy Everyday Makeup Ideas for Lazy Days

For those of you who love makeup, you know that sometimes all the routine can get tiring, especially on lazy days. That’s why it’s always good to know few makeup styles to keep them for such days.

Every woman has her own makeup style. Some like it bolder, some like it more natural. In this article we prepared ten ideas for everyone’s taste. You will find the no – makeup style to the cat eyes, all made for an everyday look. They’re easy, don’t require too many products and most likely you already have all of them. Check them out and tell us which is your favorite!

1. Peachy Glam

Everyday makeup doesn’t have to be always about nude and natural colors. Sometimes it can mean adding colors like pink or peach that still can be managed for every day needs, such as this makeup example. It’s really easy to copy this look – just head out to the blog where you can find the video where this gorgeous lady will do step by step tutorial. It’s all about natural peach shimmer mixed with glamorous look! Plus, you don’t need any advanced makeup skills to achieve the look. First step is applying BB cream, liquid foundation, concealer, or any other product that you usually use for your face makeup, then you’ll need to pay more attention for the eye part and last is applying the lipstick.

2. Pop of Pink

If you want to put the focus on your smile, a good way to achieve that is by putting the right color of lipstick that will flatter them. Red lipstick is such a classic, but you can’t always wear it on everyday basis and here pink can help. In a combination with more natural looking eye makeup, it definitely brings out the pop of the color and it draws the attention there. To achieve this look, use a shimmery medium brown eyelid makeup and for the face it depends on you. The blogger has used BB cream, concealer and light bronzer for the pinky cheeks. Last and most important, choose the shade of pink lipstick that you love the most.

3. Everyday Natural Makeup

This makeup tutorial contains only products that aren’t tested on animals, so if you’re also refusing to support the industry that tests on them, then you should definitely check out the products that the blogger is using to achieve her amazing natural look. It is also a great way to use this look if you’re not a fan of putting too much makeup or even if you don’t have any makeup advanced skills. So, all you have to do is to start your regular face makeup routine and by that we mean BB cream or any liquid foundation, concealer, bronzer, lighter eyelid makeup and also a baby pink color of lipstick.

4. Easy Contouring

You know how contouring became such a big deal on social media, so there are many tutorials that can help you to contour and highlight. Of course, this really depends on your bone structure, so contouring can either help you to benefit from the dramatic makeup look, or unfortunately can do the opposite. In that case, you can make a less dramatic look and set things according your needs. This tutorial only uses Lancome, but you can experiment more with the products. Check out the link below the picture to see the how – to tutorial by this amazing blogger.

5. Kim K Nude Makeup

Creating the perfect, nude makeup look is very easy and you can use it everyday because it looks so simple, yet so gorgeous. It gives a little bit to whole face – a light, brown eyelid, a little bit of pink cheeks and a nude – pinkish lip gloss or lipstick. Plus, if you use fake eyelashes it can make your eyes appear bigger and more flattery! So, get those brushes, the nude eye makeup palette, your favorite lip gloss and contour kit and check out the link to see how to achieve the nude makeup look worn by Kim Kardashian. Also, if you would like to try the pushed hair back hairstyle, you can also find the steps within the tutorial.

6. Everyday Cat Eye

Cat Eyes are such a beautiful, dramatic way to put the focus on our eyes. It makes them sexier and more attractive. However, if you use bold cat eyes, most likely it won’t be the everyday makeup look you would like to have in your office or during interviews. That’s why this tutorial can help you have it on everyday basis. The blogger is using a Naked products, but any other similar will do the trick. As the rule goes, if you decide to focus on your eye makeup, then the rest should be balanced, meaning it should look more neutral. That effect you can easily achieve by using nude or similar shade of lipstick or lip gloss.

7. Nude Shimmery Eye Makeup

If you just really want to focus just on your eye makeup, here’s the tutorial for you. It’s about natural, light brown, shimmery tones that will make your eyes look in the most natural way, but still have some amazing makeup to make them prettier! First you need to prime the eyelid and use champagne – colored eye shadow on the inner corner, while on the outer corner apply pink shimmer eyeshadow. Use the lightest eye shadow that you have for highlighting the brow zone and blend everything together. Last step is applying mascara and white eye pencil. Voila!

8. Audrey Hepburn Makeup

The golden Hollywood age produces do many great looks that is simply impossible not to revive or recreate them. Same goes with makeup – the tutorial shows you how you can put your makeup on the Audrey Hepburn style. This gorgeous actress was famous for her flawless look and the way she had her makeup made her even more unforgettable. Lucky for us, there’s a tutorial that can help us feel as if we’re this actress at least for a day! You will find the tutorial easy, but it will be easier for you if you have any makeup experience.

9. Springtime Makeup

Springtime is over, but no one can stop you from wearing such makeup! This one is a real example at how you can rock your everyday look with an amazing, most natural and easy makeup. So, all you have to do to achieve this wonderful lady’s look is to apply your BB cream or other liquid foundation, apply some concealer to avoid dark eye circles, lines or blemish. After you’re done with that step, it’s time to apply your favorite mascara. Make those lashes long and with volume, that way not only they will look more attractive, but it can make your eyes appear bigger too. Last, put on lipstick or lip gloss in neutral, natural color.

10. Touch of Bronze

Another spring – ready makeup look, but who says we can’t have it in summer to?! For this look, you should do the regular routine. First, apply your foundation, concealer and go – to powder. These steps should make your face look more fresh and all the pimples, blemishes and lines should go away! After that, apply the bronze to highlight your bone structure and then apply shimmery brown or similar to the eyelids. Next and last step is applying your lipstick, which in order to make it more summer-y, make it peach – colored.