How about a manicure made with the skin of certain fruits and vegetables?


While 3D nails are still at the forefront of nail art, a fairly creative nail art is quietly emerging. Use the skin of certain fruits, vegetables and legumes to form the base of your nails! In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you . Fruit nails Hyper-textured, fruit and vegetable skins bring relief to the nails, […]

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Everything you need to know about false nails


Having recourse to false nails is tempting for women who cannot manage to have them long naturally, breaks and duplication not allowing it. But you still have to know the disadvantages of these techniques. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell the things about false nails. The resin is the oldest technique, it was widely used but is […]

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The essential equipment of the nail prosthetist


In order to work in the best conditions, the nail technician must be equipped with the necessary equipment to carry out his missions. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you the list of essential equipment for nail technicians in their work! The basic equipment of the nail technician To carry out the beauty of the nails, the nail […]

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Chocolate Manicure


Biting your nails is certainly one of the worst habits if you want to have beautiful hands, but what about licking your nails? Now your expert nail supplier Maryton offers an edible chocolate manicure. A delicious new trend Ever since KFC launched edible nail polishes that you can lick off, this trend has become a real challenge for nail art fans. The […]

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The ideal kit for nail technicians


Choosing your nail technician equipment can be a time-consuming act. Maryton nail supply, your expert nail supplier, makes it easy for you by delivering the contents of the kit from the perfect professional nail technician. What equipment to start as a nail technician? To start your business as an independent nail technician, you need to offer yourself the perfect manicure […]

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