Everything you need to know about the process of removing semi-permanent varnish

Young woman with long red nails removing nail polish

A demarcation appears between the applied varnish and the cuticle area due to the natural regrowth of the nails. It goes without saying that it is unsightly and it is time to get rid of it to put on a new one and try something else. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will give you ideas. For the removal of the varnish, the […]

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Do you know how to prepare your nails?


Our nails deserve our full attention! Maintain, prepare, protect: care suitable for all types of nails, so that they are shiny and healthy. Moisturizing oils, emollient gel or vitamin treatments, take care of yourself! The nail preparation process is very simple: To start, we disinfect our hands. Then perform a manicure or at least push back the cuticles and small skins that […]

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