How to prevent nail psoriasis?


Nail psoriasis affects the dexterity and general functioning of the hands. It is always better to take simple measures to prevent this nail disorder than to fight it later. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to prevent nail psoriasis. Prevention tips: Keep your fingernails trimmed short. Wear cotton or rubber gloves when performing tasks that may cause […]

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The 4 main causes of a detachment


For all fans of gel, acrylic resin, acrylgel or permanent varnish manicures, you will certainly have already heard of or experienced detachment… Do you know the causes of a detachment? Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will explain to you in this article. The causes remain as diverse, whether on natural nails, capsules or with a stencil extension, you are unfortunately not […]

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A few tips on decorating with gel and transfer glue


Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will share you a few tips on decorating with gel and transfer glue. Keep reading! Wear cloth gloves to handle the transfer sheet so as not to remove its adhesion properties. If gel, fingerprints or any dirt has stuck on the surface of the sheet, you can clean it with a cotton pad soaked in cleaner. If the sheet hasn’t […]

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How to choose the best brand of semi-permanent varnish?


To better choose the brand of semi-permanent varnish that could suit you, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to choose the best brand of semi-permanent varnish? Here are some criteria to take into account: Colors Most brands offer a wide selection of color palettes, with gloss, matte, or glitter variations. If you are looking for a specific varnish color or […]

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The importance of storing manicure products properly

Colorful artificial Nails in nail salon shop. Set of false nails for customer to choose color for manicure or pedicure in nail salon and spa shop. Nails art and design. Sample nail polish palette.

Do you know the expression “a place for everything and everything in its place”? Do you stock up on nail products? Why should you store your nail products properly? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you the importance of storing manicure products properly. Properly storing your nail products helps to avoid altering their quality. It is not possible to work with […]

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How long between 2 poses of semi-permanent varnish?

Female hands with manicure on flower on a pink background, top view

Semi-permanent varnish is a great beauty accessory, but it has its flaws. Indeed, it tends to asphyxiate your nails. So, how long between 2 poses of semi-permanent varnish? In this article, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you the answer. The layers of varnish on your nails prevent them from hydrating and breathing. This can have consequences on them such as […]

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