SOS bitten nails: what to do?


“Good resolution for 2023 stop biting my nails.” Admit that you wrote this sentence in your list of resolutions, year after year? Serial rodent, put an end to this ordeal now.

As with stopping smoking, everything happens in the mind. Put on bitter varnish, ask your friends to watch you… all means are good for you to resist this terrible urge. The manicure kit may be the solution for you! Suitable for both long and short nails, this kit allows you to create a wide variety of nail art models… So we stop gnawing on them!

Have you taken the plunge and decided to create beautiful nails? It’s great. A manicure in the shape of a toothbrush, teeth or insects? Have you also followed these manicure trends, each one crazier than the last? All tastes are in nature… of course. For our part, we will remain focused on pretty shapes; classic and aesthetic! All you have to do is refer to the nail shapes presented earlier and let your real nails grow back.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! Also, I recommend you check out nail supply store, which has other manicure products.

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