5 ideas to promote your nail services

5 ideas to promote your nail services

5 ideas to promote your nail services

Do you want to promote the nail services you offer in your nail salon? We give you some tips for establishing long-lasting communication and setting up effective and original marketing operations.
Surf on the highlights of the year
An effective marketing calendar must imperatively take into account the major events of the year. The Christmas holidays, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even the summer holidays are key times that can arouse the desire for change in your customers. You must not miss it! In order to attract a large clientele to your nail salon, consider adapting your services. Imagine, for example, new nail arts related to these different events. Glitter for the end of the year celebrations, tangy colors for summer, shades of red on the occasion of the lovers’ party … Let your artistic soul express itself!

Set up packages

To promote your nail services, consider setting up treatments. The principle is simple: you create a set of services, apply a sale price to it (ideally more advantageous than when the services are sold individually) and you offer it for online reservation. This is a good way to make your customers want to discover your range of offers. In addition, it can be an opportunity to arouse their interest in certain products. When making their online reservation, your customers can find out what products they are and may then be tempted to buy them in your online store or in your nail salon.Indeed, provide nail supply online is the best for your customers.

Create special offers

This is the easiest and safest way to promote your services. In fact, this channel is very popular with customers. Promotional rates allow you to attract new customers. They see it as an opportunity to get a good deal. Therefore, some people – who have not been interested in you until now – may be tempted to push open the door of your nail salon in order to find your services. Obviously, for this to bear fruit, it is essential that you communicate around these special offers! It is essential to communicate online as well.

Keep in touch with your customers

Boost your presence on Facebook and Instagram: This is the most important rule to follow when you want to promote your establishment effectively and sustainably. Certain little touches – like the branded mug – help to ensure that your customers don’t forget you. However, it is important to go further and create a real community around your establishment. To do so, you’ll need to strengthen your presence on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. Thus, your customers will be able to always be informed of the latest news from your nail salon and discover your latest nail creations.
Schedule SMS marketing campaigns: Another important communication channel: the mobile phone which stole limelight away from its competitors represented by email and flyer. Nowadays, almost everybody own a smartphone. Therefore, it is essential to use this tool to communicate with your customers and maintain a special relationship with them.
Offer happy hours
All traders, including Nail Bars, face off-peak hours. However, this is not inevitable. It is possible to counteract this drop in turnover. How? Quite simply by setting up attractive hours on your website. The idea is to apply discounts on unpopular time slots in order to encourage their booking.

Promoting your nail services on a daily basis is easy. You just need to be regular in your customer communication. Set up the right offers at the right time!

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