Does permanent varnish cause harmful effects on the nails?


Applying semi-permanent varnish is very trendy these days. On the other side, many people ask a large number of questions about the negative effect of these polishes on her nails. But is semi-permanent varnish really harmful to the nails? The answer is yes, if the varnish is applied to fragile nails or nails that have not had special care for […]

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The misconceptions about semi-permanent varnish

painting it right

Despite its long-lasting hold and neat appearance, semi-permanent varnish still suffers from many misconceptions. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you the misconceptions about semi-permanent varnish. Misconception 1: semi-permanent varnish would suffocate the nail Most nail techniques suffer from this prejudice: they would suffocate the nail, thus preventing it from growing back or regenerating. In reality, your […]

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The ideal kit for nail technicians


Choosing your nail technician equipment can be a time-consuming act. Maryton nail supply, your expert nail supplier, makes it easy for you by delivering the contents of the kit from the perfect professional nail technician. What equipment to start as a nail technician? To start your business as an independent nail technician, you need to offer yourself the perfect manicure […]

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