Top 10 Outfit Ideas on How to Wear the Slip Dress

The slip dress is a big trend this season and we totally agree with reason. It is a sexy summer dress that can be combined as desired. It can be elegant with heels or casual with snickers.

The dress is another example of how 1990’s fashion keeps coming. So, with sales coming now, you can buy and do wonderful combinations. If you are wondering how to wear these trendy dresses with other outfits or accessories, please keeping reading.

1. Little Black Dresses

You’ve heard it thousand times about how the little black dresses is a must. In this case, the slip dress can serve you as such. To achieve the elegant combination, it’s best if you wear it with high heels, such as the lace up on the picture. Then, it’s all about the accessories. Adding gorgeous earrings or necklace, or even a watch as pictured, will do the trick for you. Last and not least, to make the whole outfit even more classy, make sure to match it with some bold colored lipstick, such as red or fuchsia.

2. Casual

Keep causal things can get a touch of classy, especially when it comes to the slip dresses. Instead of combinations with high heels and jewelry, wearing your most favorite sneakers and hats. The result? You will fall in love with it. Feel comfortable with what you wear and be stylish at the same time is amazing, which is a way to achieve this.

3. Boho

Boho is the style that will never go out of fashion and there’s a reason why. It gives the laid, casual style but with a touch of something so stylish. Plus, it leaves space for so many combinations! Starting from tall maxi dresses to messy braids, it is absolutely a way of living. You can also conclude the slip dress in your boho wardrobe and here’s how. Get ankle boots, a velvet Indian – inspired jacket, long necklaces and your favorite pair of sunglasses. Plus, if you combine everything with a messy, boho hairstyle, your whole look will be an absolute blast!

4. Grunge

We keep seeing how the 1990’s fashion keeps coming back, but the truth is that the grunge shirts never went out of style. If you don’t have such shirt, we definitely recommend buying one, or maybe more! It’s really easy to combine the classy slip dress with the grunge style – wrap your shirt around your waist! Wear dark ankle boots and your outfit is almost done. Adding some accessory won’t hurt, so consider wearing your favorite necklace or other jewelry.

5. All Black

Wearing black is one of the outfits that you can never go wrong with it. It’s the ultimate, never going fashion rule that you can rely on any time you need. This is probably the easiest outfit to copy from the rest of the list. Just wear everything black, including the slip dress. To add a pop of color, you can apply red, pink or some other bold and bright – colored lipstick.

6. 1990’s

These past few season we keep bringing back fashion from the 1990’s. This summer is the slip dress worn with a t- shirt. For some it’s too much, but if you like to experiment more on this 90’s theme, definitely try this out. Just wear your favorite t – shirt and the slip dress over that. Whether you are going to make it more casual and wear with sneakers, or more elegant with high heels, it totally depends on you.

7. Slip with Skinny

Another combination worth trying! If you love your skinny jeans, this is an amazing way to combine them with the slip dress. Adding a belt on your waist and wearing high – heels is going to make the whole outfit more charming and stylish. This is an everyday combination that you can wear on lunch, coffee or any meeting with friends, clients and so on. Maybe for a night out? You choose.

8. Minimalist

We have already talked about slip dresses and the combinations that you can come up with, but how about only the slip dress? It looks amazing just like that! But, you can choose the color of the season to make it more stylish. For example, choosing khaki green slip dress such as the one on the picture.

9. Floral

Instead of choosing and wearing only one – colored slip dresses, having one with some theme is going to be a nice detail in your wardrobe. Floral never goes out of style and we absolutely love it. It gives the summer-y vibes and it’s such a romantic outfit – perfect for a night out with friends or on a date. It’s going to make you look as some French girl, enjoying the streets of lovely Paris, together with her date.

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10. Lace

Last on our list is a fabric detail that can make your whole outfit more classy. It’s lace we’re talking about! Blogger Lisa Olsson managed to make one really classy outfit with her black laced slip dress. She combined with a basic white t – shirt, pieces of jewelry and pair of sneakers. It’s almost everything that we’ve talked about the slip dress in one outfit! We’re totally recommending this stylish combination.

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