Knowing to take care of your feet and hands

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Our feet and hands are often sadly forgotten during massage sessions or our beauty routines. However, these are the parts of our body that are by far the most used. How to relax them? What techniques are best for removing fatigue from the soles of the feet or the palms of our hands?

As a matter of fact, foot spa kits and hand masks are two particularly effective techniques for taking care of your hands and feet.

How to make a hand mask

To heal your damaged hands and close wounds that have already opened due to cold or wind, you need to moisturize them with a fatty substance. Such as:

– Honey,

– Olive oil, particularly for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties,

– Egg yolk,

– Shea Butter,

– Aloe Vera, which also has healing properties, like olive oil.

You can either decide on these products individually or make a mixture of them, depending on your tastes and desires of the moment. Once applied, place your hands in gloves or cellophane. Applied to prevent possible cracking or drying of the skin, this treatment is sufficient once or twice a week when accompanied by the daily application of cream to the hands.


Offer a pedicure spa to your feet

As the name suggests, it is a foot spa. Composed of a small bathtub of water placed at the foot of a comfortable armchair, often massaging, the bathtub is equipped with water jets and a shower to offer the feet an unforgettable massage. If you’re lacking pedicure equipment, check out a nail supply store.

Besides, taking care of your feet can also be done through simple actions. A massage of the arch of the foot using the pads of the fingers can do you a lot of good. This technique can even be used as a way to relax before bed.

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