How to remove gel or acrylic resin?


When your nails have grown back a lot or because your job does not allow the wearing of false nails, removal is often necessary and this step is crucial to avoid damaging your nails. How to remove gel or acrylic resin? As this question is very often asked, Maryton Nail Supply will go through the steps to follow to avoid damaging your nails during removal in this article.

If you are applying gel or acrylic resin, prefer the intervention of a professional who will be able to choose the method best suited to your needs.

In most cases, removal is carried out with an electric nail drill or with a nail file. It is important that this method is carried out by a professional to avoid damaging your natural nails. Indeed, when removing the gel or resin, it is essential to know when to stop filing so as not to reach your natural nail and damage your nail plate.


The nails do not “breathe” but they have been deprived of contact with air and light throughout the application; an appearance of soft nails can therefore be observed after removal. Rest assured, after a few days, your nails will return to completely normal hardness. But be careful, they will not be as solid as when you had gel or resin which gave you a feeling of greater hardness.

Gel and acrylic resin are much more complex in terms of protocol. It is strongly recommended that you be trained in these techniques before using these products. Removing these materials requires know-how so as not to damage natural nails.

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