Reveal the beauty of your nails with stencil resin application


The installation of resin stencils is a technique that involves the use of stencils to lengthen natural nails. Not only does it lengthen your natural nails, it also shows off the beauty of your nails. In this article, Maryton Nail Supply will tell you the advantages of laying in stencil resin.

Here are the advantages of laying in stencil resin:

  • Durability:Stencil resin nails are strong and durable, making them less likely to break or peel.
  • Natural appearance: The stencil resin application gives a natural appearance to the nails, without the thick or artificial appearance often associated with traditional extensions.
  • Adaptability: This method allows you to create different nail shapes, whether square, oval, almond nails, or other shapes depending on your preferences.
  • Strengthening natural nails: By wrapping the natural nail with resin, resin application.

Unlike traditional extensions which use capsules or tips, stencil resin is applied directly to the natural nail, which allows you to obtain a more natural and lasting result. In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure sets to care for your nails.

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