Can you do a semi-permanent nail polish manicure at home?


Semi-permanent varnish is a very popular nail technique, both in nail studios and at home. This is not surprising, because this technique is easy to apply and lasts longer than traditional nail polish. However, it is very important to apply gel polish correctly, especially if you are doing it at home. Unfortunately, mistakes are still often made when applying gel […]

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How to remove semi-permanent nail polish?


To remove semi-permanent nail polish, you need a special product, acetone. In this blog, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to remove semi-permanent nail polish. Read on! To remove semi-permanent varnish, the beautician will wrap the nails with cotton soaked in acetone. The assembly will be wrapped again in aluminum foil. You have to let the solution work […]

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Perfect semi-permanent nail polish manicure

Natural nails with gel polish applied. Ideal manicure and women's hands.

As we all know, the manicure has become an art in its own right in the field of beauty. Today, to make sure you have beautifully decorated fingers, your nail supply expert Maryton presents the tips for a perfect semi-permanent nail polish manicure. Keep reading! The first layer of semi-permanent varnish should be thin so as not to have too thick nails […]

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