The Best In-ear Hearing Aids 2019

In-ear hearing aids are so popular because they are clearly the most discreet option. Often less efficient than their extra-ear equivalents, recent progress has led to the development of ultra-efficient devices, very discreet, and at quite reasonable costs.

Here are three of the best in ear hearing aids according to the editorial:

1. Philips Hearlink

The Philips Hearlink is an excellent last generation device. The device benefits from Philips expertise in noise reduction & proactive management. It is generally a very solid device, rather upscale, which handles very well situations a little noisy.
A little gadget for many, but good to report, this device does not have connectivity Made for iPhone that have devices in the same range extra-ear.
In terms of price, it is understood that they can vary significantly depending on the custom tip you add to the device by a hearing care professional. To get a better idea, do not hesitate to make an appointment with a certified audioprothéiste state near you!

2. Yorksound Luna

Design in very small size, completely in the ear, with silicone ear dome, it stays in your ear and never fall out when your are talking, walking, jogging or other exercise. Only about 0.2 ounces ultralight weight body, you don’t even feel it, fits both right and left ear, very comfortable to wear. Professional device body design, new generation chip on the market, advanced audiology mini-microprocessor technology and perfect ear dome fits effectively reduce the feedback and background noise.

3. Starkey Muse IQ

This is the Rolls of the in-ear device. Up to 24 channels of gain management for ultra-precise reduction & amplification. The device has advanced technology that allows better sound reproduction spatially, a fundamental aspect of listening comfort. Both devices (right & left) are interconnected, and constantly adapt the sound reproduction to ensure greater hearing comfort.
The device is wirelessly compatible with many Starkey devices such as the Surflink Mobile phone or the Surflink Media Multimedia Connector to connect your hearing aids directly to the TV.

Again, the tip is custom made by a hearing care professional expert. Do not hesitate to ask for an tips from the site to find out more!

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