Padmate Receives iF Design Award-2020 for PaMu Scroll Bluetooth Headphones

PaMu Scroll Headphones from the manufacturer of innovative electronic devices Padmate won the prestigious German iF Design Award-2020. Following the news of the award in Hamburg, Padmate announced a new distributor campaign for its exciting product.

Padmate chief designer Cai Xiaolu said: “The inspiration for the creation of PaMu Scroll was the ancient Chinese scrolls used to transmit information in the form of text and illustrations – just like our Bluetooth headset transmits voice.”

The unique PaMu Scroll case, resembling a handwritten scroll, reflecting the very essence of Chinese forms of expression, distinguishes this product from other analogs in the market of Bluetooth headphones, attracting users who want to show their own personality. In collaboration with the Beijing Palace Museum, the company introduced Scroll headphones with a thematic design in the style of traditional brocade robes of Chinese emperors.

PaMu Scroll Wireless Headset delivers exceptional sound quality and high fidelity voice. Extremely ergonomically designed headphones weigh just 5 grams, providing extra comfort when wearing in the ear. A water resistance rating of IPX6 ensures that the headset can be used in all conditions without worrying about their safety when jogging or on the way to work in the rain.

Padmate also announced the launch of a recruiting campaign to attract international representatives interested in distributing its products. The developer will continue to experiment with the “scroll-like” design and introduce new, truly wireless Bluetooth headphones that provide their users with unrivaled convenience and comfort.

Founded in 2011, Padmate develops and manufactures innovative high-tech Bluetooth headphones and electronic devices for a healthy lifestyle. The development team draws inspiration for its unique products in the natural objects surrounding us, pleasant for everyone, as well as in classic fashion styles, turning each device into a real work of art. In 2018 and 2019, the company introduced two products, PaMu Scroll and PaMu Slide, at Indiegogo, receiving the support of 80,000 private investors and setting two new records for this platform at once. PaMu, Padmate’s brand of audio products, is focused on creating personalized products that are highly recognized by experts in consumer analysis of products

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