Everything you need to know about semi-permanent varnish

In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you the essentials to know about semi-permanent nail polish. Solutions to all your problems as well as a guide to edging your nail effectively!

My varnish doesn’t dry, what should I do?

Nail polishes have the particularity of drying in the open air in a short time, but this is not the case with semi-permanent varnishes. This question must therefore be clarified. The drying of the first coat will not be immediate even after the first catalysation. This will only serve as a base or adhesion to promote the adhesion of the second layer. Once you have completed the second step, at this precise moment, you will degrease the sticky residue with cleaner. And there, the varnish will be dry at this precise moment.


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Why is my pose flaking?

If you notice that your nail polish is peeling, it’s probably because you haven’t followed the instructions for use or the basic rules. Here are 8 important points to respect to “border the nail” effectively.

  1. File the nail:To avoid splitting the nail, always file in the same direction using a fine grain file.
  2. Caring for the cuticles:Apply a cuticle care product to soften them and work them more easily with a wooden
  3. Polishing:To smooth the nail , you will need to use a nail polisher which will be used to smooth the nails.
  4. Dissolving the oil on the nail:Cuticle oil can interfere with the hold of the varnish.
  5. Apply the semi-permanent varnish:In order not to over-thicken the layer, remember to use a flat glass support.
  6. Catalyze:Pass your hand under the UV or LED lamp and wait the necessary time.
  7. Degrease: Using the cotton ball and the cleaner, degrease the permanent varnish without applying too much pressure.
  8. The finish:In order to guarantee a perfect shine, apply the finishing top coat to your nails.

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