Why shouldn’t cuticles be cut?

Fingernail Cuticle clipper - Manicure

It is true that at first glance, cutting the cuticles would simplify the application of varnish, but this is a serious mistake. Today, your nail supply specialist Maryton will tell you why shouldn’t cuticles be cut?

Indeed, cutting the cuticles can cause inflammation of the nail and lead to harder regrowth. This will make your manicure less aesthetic and therefore have an impact on its beauty.

In addition, not to put varnish on the cuticles. You can use the Vaseline trick. Put some on your cuticles, being careful not to put any on your nails. To do this, you can use a cotton swab soaked in petroleum jelly.

OK! I believe you have know why shouldn’t cuticles be cut. Besides, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure set to care for your nails!

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