What material are the nail drill bits made of?

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There are different types of tips suitable for different uses. Like nail drill machines, the bits have a scale.You will also find sanding bits and emery bits that have virtually the same action and gradation as a regular file. Below you will find more explanations of the different molds and their function.

Cuticle nail drill tip

Cuticle bits are also called diamond bits. Indeed, they contain a very fine diamond grit. They are used to lift, remove cuticles and remove excess skin around the nail plate.

Ceramic tips

Ceramic nail drill bits are used to remove artificial nails. These tips are made of zirconium oxide, which makes them very durable and resistant to damage. They do not generate heat when filing artificial nails.

Emery bit

Emery bits generally have the same gradations as regular files/buffers. 100 grit is used to remove and shorten artificial nails, 150 grit is used to touch up gel, acrylic and polygel masses and 240 grit is used to touch up the natural nail plate.

Sanding caps

Sanding caps are typically used in pedicure treatments, but can also be used to remove artificial nails. Caps can be used for different purposes depending on the grain. 60 and 80 grits are used to remove foot calluses and artificial nails. Grade 120 is used to smooth the skin of the feet.

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