How to Find Best Cheap Hearing Aids

Finding the best recent inexpensive hearing aids will be easier for you by reading this unpublished article.

In this article you will discover:

  1. how to properly equip you with a hearing aid at an economical price
  2. the categories that exist between hearing aids of the same price range
  3. the best hearing aids selected from the biggest brands in our catalog
  4. the interest of choosing a cheap hearing aid thanks to the paying third party
  5. How to try your solution at a low price simply

Puryt strives to select for you the new models of hearing aids that are the cheapest but which remain effective despite their very low price . Choose the best performing and innovative hearing aid that meets your criteria from our exclusive selection. Today, the auditory equipment is accessible to all because of the amounts allocated by the Social Security. The difficulty of equipping does not seem to reside in the price but rather in the choice to properly match .

Find the best cheap hearing aid of the moment

We offer you the best hearing aids in every existing family at an affordable price . Looking for a remote headset or an overpowered device? Just go to the right category. Find the whole range of affordable hearing aids in our special issue. (And never equaled!)

Find both under-the-ear hearing aids and completely in the canal hearing aids. All our hearing aids presented now include bluetooth or at least a direct connection to smartphones for a great flexibility of user settings. Even the rechargeable hearing aids are appearing in this folder.

Discover the ideal cheap hearing aid according to its form

Cheap Hearing Aids Intra Invisible Hearing Aids

The invisible hearing aids will adjust to patients with an audiogram ranging from 25% to 60% of average hearing loss. We recommend the Puryt R1 at a price of $189. It ensures you a best sound quality with great clarity of listening. For me, the Luna is the cheapest hearing aid of the moment as an invisible model in the bottom of the duct.

Discreet Audio-prosthesis of discrete In-ear form

Low-cost hearing aids will fit patients with audiograms ranging from 40% to over 65% hearing loss.

Hearing aids cost-effective Over-the-ear ear shape (power)

The powerful hearing aids will adjust to patients with an audiogram ranging from 70% to + 95% average hearing loss and beyond.

Cheap hearing aids in category Mini earloop

Mini Ear Contours will fit patients with audiograms ranging from 30% to over 75% average hearing loss. Check out the models below and contact us to submit your choice.

Category Mini open earloop

The Mini Open Ear Contours will fit patients with an audiogram ranging from 30% to over 50% average hearing loss.

Hearing aids in the category Mini Contoured Earpiece

We recommend the Widex Beyond 110 fusion hearing aid at an economical price of 890 Euros. The Mini Offset Ear Buds will fit patients with an audiogram ranging from 25% to over 95% average and above hearing loss. In other words, all profiles of hearing impaired.

Economic hearing aids in the classic Intra-auricular category

Classical In-ear hearing aids will accommodate patients with audiograms ranging from 40% to over 95% average hearing loss.

Listening assistant, cheap tailor-made (no real interest for Audiologys)

There are cheap listening assistants set by some hearing care professionals who advertise them on the internet. Attention, there are even sites dedicated only to this type of hearing solution. Sold at around 300 € and adapted according to your audiogram and medical prescription. It does not seem relevant to be interested because their adjustment is often restricted because of the certain approximation of its adaptation to the shape of the ear canals.

This listening assistant is a digital hearing aid amplifiers marketed by the American company Starkey (N ° 1 in the USA), it is equipped with a digital processor (old generation, + 5 years of seniority) with a capacity of analysis on at least 16 channels.

He is the direct competitor of listening assistants sold in pharmacies. The advantage of Starkey is that it will be fully reimbursed by social security and your mutual while the pharmacist’s listening assistant is not refunded a dime !!! We have AMP in our catalog but we do not recommend it.

This device presents, in our opinion, serious defects. It is subject to feedback , whistling problems which reduces its efficiency in the amplification of high frequencies, frequencies particularly important for the understanding of the speech and the clarity of the sound signal. It can be tricky to remove.

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