Up to $6 Million Raised on Crowdfunding – True Wireless PaMu Slide Earbuds Reviews

As if the release of AirPods was still yesterday, there are already many brands of Bluetooth headsets available on the market. In the increasing market capacity, the price of true wireless headphones ranges from dozens of dollars to thousands. Although it is not as much as traditional wired headsets, the market trend has clearly been targeted. After all, for consumers, the unfettered private music experience is indeed very attractive.

Recently, the well-known crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has a truly wireless headset – PuMu Slide which has created four records at one time:

  • the highest amount of global audio product crowdfunding;
  • the largest number of supporters in Indiegogo crowdfunding history;
  • raised the highest amount in Idiegogo 2019 projects and Indiegogo has raised
  • the most successful Chinese projects in 11 years on Indiegogo;

Are you surprised?

Appearance & Details Appreciation: Unique, but tasteful design

Up to $6 Million Raised on Crowdfunding - True Wireless PaMu Slide Earbuds Reviews

By abandoning all the auras, PaMu Slide is truly a very unique product. Where is it unique? Most of our common true wireless headset charging boxes are magnetic flip-top structures, while the PaMu Slide is a sliding cover that can be opened with a single push. This open mode, does it remind you of the slider phone in your hand? Drawing on the “classic design” is not only able to add points to the goodness of the product, but also reflects the degree to which the designers of the company are pinpointing the trend. The slide function is full of devil’s decompression ability.

Up to $6 Million Raised on Crowdfunding - True Wireless PaMu Slide Earbuds Reviews

The storage box not only pays tribute to the classics, but also incorporates the new technological elements. Turn the storage box over and double-click the power button. When the light is on, the phone that supports Qi wireless charging will be attached. Will you be surprised to find that the phone is charging? ! This is a major feature of PaMu Slide: the headset charging box can also be used as a wireless charging treasure to charge the phone (in turn, the charging box does not support wireless charging…). Of course, the built-in battery capacity of the charging box is 2000mah, which is a bit small compared with the current 3-4000mah battery of the smart phone, which is suitable for daily use as an emergency power supply.

It is also because of this 2000mAh battery that allows the charging box to add up to five times to the PaMu Slide, and the headset can be used continuously for 10 hours, and the PaMu Slide can last up to 60 hours… The true wireless headset products we have reviewed, such as the AirPods 2 generation, have a total life of more than 24 hours. The PaMu Slide has a total duration of 60 hours, meaning that if you only use it during commute time, you can do it. 30 days without charging, think about the feeling of beauty.

Up to $6 Million Raised on Crowdfunding - True Wireless PaMu Slide Earbuds Reviews

Back to the main body of the headset, the design idea of PaMu Slide seems to want to jump out of an existing misunderstanding: the true wireless headset is the usual audio product that will carry out the dan (diao). It turned out that the manufacturer did not have any idea, just to see if the manufacturer was willing to do it. PaMu Slide is not only a storage box that is different from other real wireless headphones, but also has its own set in product styling.

Unlike many true wireless earphones that look like a cut-out line, the PaMu Slide’s styling combines the features of an in-ear earphone and a flat head plug. Looking at the cavity, it depends on most real wireless headphones, but with the ear handle, it looks like a flat plug or AirPods from the side. From the perspective of a straight man, the addition of the ear stem is not simply for design innovation, the designer can also put noise reduction microphones, antennas and other components inside to more easily improve the function of PaMu Slide.

Sometimes the straight man’s intuition is still quite accurate. PaMu Slide has two microphones embedded in the left and right ear handles to reduce noise and ensure that the user can still have an excellent calling experience in the outdoor environment. In the process of evaluating PaMu Slide, we can also feel that its call noise reduction performance is indeed stronger than many Bluetooth headsets, which is the advantage brought by hardware.

Up to $6 Million Raised on Crowdfunding - True Wireless PaMu Slide Earbuds Reviews

It is worth mentioning that PaMu Slide’s own positioning is also aimed at the sports field, and naturally the fuselage structure part also needs to be optimized for the sports scene. To this end, the PaMu Slide cavity is made of ultrasonic welding, which has the dustproof and waterproof ability comparable to the one-piece molding technology. The cavity sound leakage hole and the microphone pickup hole are also waterproofed, and finally PaMu Slide has done it. IPX6 waterproof.

Listen & experience: low frequency, comprehensive experience and superior

In the control section, PaMu Slide also incorporates the current trend of touch operations, such as: pause / play, switch to the next, call out voice assistant (iOS is Siri, Android is based on UI category). In addition, PaMu Slide also added innovative volume adjustment function: long press the left ear for the volume continuous – the right ear for the volume continuous +, covering more functions, use it in one go. Unlike conventional operations, touch operations often reflect the manufacturer’s understanding of the “operations” part. After all, it is too easy to misunderstand. For the simplest example, the girls may have misunderstood their hair. In the actual experience, the touch area on the PaMu Slide and the moderate sensitivity help reduce the chance of error.

Before opening the sound, international practice first understand the PaMu Slide acoustic configuration section. PaMu Slide is equipped with a 6mm diameter composite diaphragm unit. The unit size is not large, but the generality of the composite diaphragm is estimated to be known. The low-frequency (Bass) part is generally more energy-sensitive.

In terms of Bluetooth chips, PaMu Slide uses one of the industry’s most comprehensive true wireless solutions: Qualcomm QCC 3020. QCC3020 Bluetooth 5.0 standard transmission, support APTX decoding (up to 48kHz sampling frequency lossless sound quality), plus the long-term power optimization technology of Paime, so that the actual power consumption of PaMu Slide is lower than half of the general TWS headphones on the market, and the RF signal is more Stable and reliable, it also allows PaMu Slide to support Bluetooth 5.0 low energy technology, Qualcomm TWS (TWS+ is also supported) and Qualcomm APTX wireless transmission protocol (downward compatible with AAC/SBC).

In the actual sound quality part, in order to make everyone understand better, we use the AirPods2 generation to make a simple comparison. First of all, PaMu Slide and AirPods have obvious differences in the tuning direction. The former has higher high and low frequency gain values, while the latter is relatively “white boiled water”. Therefore, there is no doubt that PaMu Slide is much stronger than AirPods in the low frequency part, including more low frequency energy and more rapid low frequency rebound speed. It is a blessing for low frequency fans like rock and electric, PaMu Slide can definitely Meet your tastes.

In addition, PaMu Slide has also been adjusted in high-frequency sound and brightness. The high-frequency brightness of PaMu Slide is enough, and the analytical sense is more obvious than that of AirPods2. The tooth sound is there. Fortunately, the stimulation level is set at A more acceptable range. As far as the amount of information is concerned, PaMu Slide will naturally retain more sound details than the AirPods2 generation. This is not the difference between the wireless coding protocol APTX and AAC. At the same time, the sound field and positioning are also more stereoscopic and accurate.

In addition to sound quality, one of the major issues affecting the experience of a true wireless headset is audio delay. In this part, the PaMu Slide performance is basically the same as that of most of the headphones using the QCC3020 solution. The measured delay is about 0.2s. When watching TV/movie, the sound and picture can be well synchronized. The signal stability is also kept good. The disconnection cannot be said to be completely absent. However, in the scene where the signal interference is strong in the subway/bus station, the probability of disconnection is low and the connection can be back to the normal state after disconnection. .

Wearing part, because of the in-ear structure, PaMu Slide plus wears like most in-ear headphones, but the exclusive patented drop-shaped shape also has its own features: PaMu Slide cavity is not small, but good earphone weight control Good (single 7.2g), when worn, the cavity will play the role of filling the auricle and fixing the earphone. The lower part of the earplug is non-slip design. Under gravity, it will closely adhere to the ear canal for secondary reinforcement, so the actual wearing experience will be less. A little bit of pressure, suitable for moderate use.

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