PaMu X13 Wireless Headphones, a Breakthrough Product to Raise Capital on Indiegogo

Recently, the Indiegogo crowdfunding community is expecting a True Wireless sports product called PaMu X13 from PadMate. This is the device that won the Innovative Product – the breakthrough product of 2018. What makes these headphones so attractive?

First, the point that attracts the most attention from users is the price. This product is expected to launch with super good price, only $ 29 for those who register to invest in the project on Indiegogo. Not only that, the company also offers packages that sell at preferential prices, for example, you can buy 2 pairs of PaMu for very good price of $ 55. After the call is over, PaMu will retail for $ 109 a pair, still cheaper than rivals from Apple or Bose.


The product has been especially praised by the community for its modern appearance and good finishing. The manufacturer has also confirmed that the headset housing is very fit with the ear mold, helping the wearer to comfortably move without worrying about the headset falling out.

The PaMu water-resistant standard allows users to use the headset in the rain or when exercising hard, causing sweat around the ears. The company even said that users can listen to music with PaMu while showering.

PaMu can be controlled by touch right on the housing surface outside the headset. Thus, users can easily control music without opening the phone. A conversation microphone is also included on this product, making it possible for owners to make and receive calls when traveling outdoors.

PaMu is equipped with Auto-Pairing technology. After the first connection, the ears will automatically recognize and Pair with the owner’s Smartphone as soon as they are lifted out of the box.


Pamu uses a large 10mm driver compared to other top rated wireless headphones. These headphones feature a sporty sound quality with deep and solid Bass, the Mid and Treble bands are shown in clear detail.


The PaMu project was developed by Padmate tech, in cooperation with the manufacturer Padmate. This is a company that has cooperated with many famous technology companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi or Lenovo to produce high quality audio products.

PaMu was brought to CES 2018 and received a lot of positive feedback from ordinary users to experts. Hopefully, this product when imported to Vietnam will have a reasonable price to easily reach consumers.

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