Manicure: the preparation of the nail

manicuresToday we will talk about manicure and nail preparation: essential to ensure a perfect and lasting application of semi-permanent nail polish or to carry out your reconstruction.

Let’s see together the steps of the manicure and nail preparation to achieve professional and long-lasting results without damaging your nails.

Manicure step by step towards the beauty of your hands

Let’s start with the preparation of the nail by cleaning hands and professional nail supplies.

Using a cuticle pusher, begin to gently push the cuticles, which will then be removed with the help of the nippers or a scissors to cut excess skin.  Using a low abrasion file or nail buffer to remove the excess fat layer of your nails and taking care not to redden or thin the natural nail. In case of lengthening of the nail bed, we reset the free edge to facilitate the insertion of the nail form.

Carefully remove the dust with the “Nail brush”, we recommend cleaning with a pad soaked in cleanser both to eliminate residues and to degrease the nail plate. Creating a manicure able to prepare a natural nail in this way will allow you to really use any type of product: semi-permanent, gel or acrigel.

Our advice to create greater adherence and a professional final effect is to proceed with a Rubber base for a semi-permanent polish or a gel bonder base for a nail reconstruction.

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