Choose the nail shape according to your hands!

For a good manicure, the shape of the nails based on the shape of the hands is even more important than the color of the nail polish. It may seem like an irrelevant detail, but it is essential to enhance the beauty of the hands. So be careful to make the right choice.nails shape

Nail shape: oval or square?

The oval nail shape is the most classic and typically feminine one. It adapts to any length and is easy to maintain. Due to its simplicity it blends well with fingers of all kinds, so it is considered a real master key of the manicure. The only precaution to keep in mind for the oval-shaped nail, which is always quite narrow to avoid too showy or complicated nail polishes. Definitely better to focus on single-color shades, preferably dark.

If you are lucky enough to have tapered fingers, you can instead go for square-shaped nails. The constant maintenance with the file, the ease of lateral breaking of the nail and the exclusion of this shape for not particularly long hands, are the negative sides of this choice.

Squoval, almond-shaped or pointed?

Each hand has its own nail. The squoval is the trendiest nail shape, capable of combining the glamor of the square shape with the practicality of the oval one. It is obtained, as in the case of the square nail by filing the edge and conspicuously rounding the corners.

It looks good on everyone but as long as the nail is medium-long. If you have short fingers, don’t worry and slender them thanks to almond-shaped nails with rounded tip.

Short fingers and rather chubby? Stay on the oval shape without falling into the temptation to pin them. A light colored nail polish will give your fingers extra momentum. Be careful, not to let yourself be attracted by a particular shape of nails without first evaluating that of your hands!

I hope with these ways can teach you how to Choose the nail shape according to your hands. If you want to get know more of nail beauty supply, take a look at our Maryton website, and you will find more products.

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