Anti-stain hand care

With age, our hands are sometimes sparkled with brown spots. In this article, we will tell you some treatments and tips that will enable you to find beautiful hands! Keep reading!

How to avoid age spots on hands?

The ugly brown spots are due to an imbalance of melanin, which no longer appears uniformly on the surface of the skin. For light and scattered spots, depigmenting creams can be effective. But if the spots are darker or more numerous, we turn to the laser, to practice at the dermatologist. Better than cryotherapy, which tended to leave white marks, the laser imposes itself by its speed and its precision because it does not overflow on the healthy skin. Plan one to three sessions if the stains are numerous and persistent.

Our favorite treatments for pretty hands

Take care of our hands regularly, and whatever the season! From spring, every two hours, we systematically protect our hands from the sun with a total screen. In addition, professional manicure supplies need to be used to protect your nails. Only when our nails are beautiful will our hands look better!

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