Ideal manicure for the parties, the 4 best ideas to adopt


Nothing is more happy than having a family vacation together! But, even on vacation, we can’t ignore our nails. In this article, our Maryton reveals the 4 best manicure ideas, from the simplest to the most sought after.

Nail art for Christmas

Nail art is always in the spotlight for a successful holiday manicure, especially on gel false nails. If you are in lack of inspiration, soak up the decorative atmosphere of Christmas.

A manicure inspired by typical Christmas motifs

If you want to embark on the adventure, I recommend the snowflake pattern for your Christmas manicure: a white snowflake on a pale pink or midnight blue background, a golden snowflake on a red or plum background or even a silver snow star on an icy blue background. You can make this design on all your nails or on just one and decorate the others with rhinestones, a border or apply a very glittery varnish on one of the nails.

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Glowing nails, glitter for the holidays

The nail is varnished with golden glitter and the lunula remains natural. The varnish must be well covering. It is the ideal choice for women who want to remain discreet while showing their little festive side. It is also possible to make a pattern, such as a white snowman on a powder pink background. The next nail is glittery, but stays in the same tone. For those who are daring, and for a change, try the very glittery green nail, followed by a red, then another with stripes of these same colors.

The two-tone invites itself on your nails

Two-tone is one of the nail trends for Christmas and New Year. Choose a color, then complement it with a glitter or more discreet nail polish. For example, dark, deep blue, or red is very contrasting with gold. Choose a modern french, oblique, with the two colors chosen. You can also apply a color on half or quarter of the nail, then invert the colors as you go with each finger.

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