Do you know the ridged nail?

Streaked nails are not very aesthetic, especially since the varnish tends to accentuate the streaks. Do you know the ridged nail? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you.

Ridged nails: what is it?

We speak of ridged nails when vertical or horizontal lines in relief appear on the nail, which gives an irregular touch and an unsightly appearance to the nail. We don’t always notice them because sometimes the grooves are not very marked. Ridged nails can be found on the hands or on the feet.


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There are two types of ridges on the nails:

  • Vertical or longitudinal streaks, the most common: these streaks are unevenly located on the nail, and more or less deep. They are often caused by the aging of the nail but also by skin diseases, vascular disorders in the fingers, or too frequent application of varnish.
  • Horizontal or cross ridges, or “Beau’s lines”, which are often caused by a protein or zinc deficiency, but can also be a sign of kidney or liver problems.

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