What ingredients should you use for homemade nail care?


Carrying out your nail treatment at home is an excellent alternative to beauty salons. But what ingredients should you use for homemade nail care? Keep reading, Maryton nail supply will give you answers in this article! Here are some natural and effective ingredients that you can use to make your homemade nail treatment: Baking soda: whitening and cleansing agent, it helps eliminate […]

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How to remove a semi-permanent yourself?


Is it possible to remove a semi-permanent at home, to remove it yourself? Is it dangerous? And above all, how to remove your semi-permanent at home? Today, we will tell you how to remove semi-permanent yourself. Equipment for applying semi-permanent varnish To remove your semi-permanent varnish, here is the necessary equipment: nail polish remover non-woven cotton a nail file special cuticle […]

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Do you know the ridged nail?


Streaked nails are not very aesthetic, especially since the varnish tends to accentuate the streaks. Do you know the ridged nail? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you. Ridged nails: what is it? We speak of ridged nails when vertical or horizontal lines in relief appear on the nail, which gives an irregular touch and […]

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The misconceptions about semi-permanent varnish

painting it right

Despite its long-lasting hold and neat appearance, semi-permanent varnish still suffers from many misconceptions. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you the misconceptions about semi-permanent varnish. Misconception 1: semi-permanent varnish would suffocate the nail Most nail techniques suffer from this prejudice: they would suffocate the nail, thus preventing it from growing back or regenerating. In reality, your […]

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Yellow nails: how to take care of them?


Unattractive, yellowing of the nails can be caused by many factors. And while some of them turn out to be benign, others will require more extensive care to restore the natural color of your nails. Our Maryton supply list tips to take care of your yellow nails and find pretty hands. Yellow nails: why do they change color? The nails can turn yellow […]

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The gentle solvent: why is it better?


What if we forget chemicals to remove varnish? With the soft solvent, make place for natural products without danger both for health and for nature! The gentle nail polish remover is the natural solution for removing varnish without damaging your nails! We tell you more. What is gentle solvent? If the nail polish has gone organic, it’s time for the […]

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