How to remove a semi-permanent yourself?

Is it possible to remove a semi-permanent at home, to remove it yourself? Is it dangerous? And above all, how to remove your semi-permanent at home? Today, we will tell you how to remove semi-permanent yourself.

Equipment for applying semi-permanent varnish

To remove your semi-permanent varnish, here is the necessary equipment:

  • nail polish remover
  • non-woven cotton
  • a nail file
  • special cuticle oil
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How to remove semi-permanent nail polish at home?

Soak 10 non-woven cotton pads in special semi-permanent solvent. Then, squeeze each of the cotton pads onto a nail. After the necessary exposure time, use the soaked cotton to gently rub the nail and remove all traces of varnish.

If necessary, file your nails if they are too long or broken and use a polisher if necessary. Then reinforce them with a base coat varnish. When the base coat is dry, consider moisturizing the area with a special cuticle oil.

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