Pedicure tour: what is it?

In recent times, the electric file has experienced enormous growth in aesthetic and beauty centers. This is due, among other things, to the speed and perfection achieved with this kind of technique. Keep reading!

Variety of treatments

These types of tricks can be used to perform several actions, on gel nails such as acrylic. An example would be the removal of the roughness that forms around the nails and for the cuticle to retract, so we would use the cone that we call diamond and which is quite small. Nevertheless, it is possible that we want to shine the nails in a natural way and, therefore, we will have to use a sanding cutter.

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Hygiene is important

Another of the benefits of using an electric file is hygiene. Every time we have a new client, we have to sterilize the hand file we used. For anything related to manicures, the disinfectant bath plus a spray should be sufficient, but for pedicures we have to use heat sterilizers.

Manicure tower

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