What is the difference between the chablon and popit?

Compared to the chablon, the popit is the easiest solution for beginners. Because when you make an extension on a stencil, you work the gel or the resin directly on the nail. With the popit however, you work the gel or resin first on the capsule, and then put it on the nail.

Then, the popit allows to have a more precise nail shape from the pose. Indeed, if you use a popit, you have neither too long nor too short extensions. Once you have the perfect popit size, you can directly work the gel into that shape. This allows you to save your products and above all to spend less time cutting or filing to have the perfect shape.

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Finally, most popits are reusable. Once you have found the perfect size, you can make several extensions with it. The stencil being disposable, with each extension, you will need new ones. The popits can be used for several extensions, you just have to disinfect them well after each use.

Finally, it is essential to invest in suitable manicure kit. For this, our site is full of ideas and products perfectly suited to this use.

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