3 Semi-Permanent Nail Art Perfect for the New Year


As the New Year approaches, we can notice that the atmosphere is getting more intense. If you’re looking to make your nails stand out this New Year, it’s time to treat yourself. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you 3 semi-permanent nail art perfect for the New Year.

Here are the designs we recommend:

1.Red lipstick nails

The color red is still a must-have on New Year. The first thing to do is to apply a base coat enriched with vitamins E and B5, i.e. and let it dry under the lamp. Then use a glitter red semi-permanent varnish to draw the shape of the lips on the nails, and bring the hands back under the lamp.

2.Black is a safe bet

If you want to give a dark touch to all this romanticism, do not hesitate to use a black color. To reproduce this look, you will have to prepare the nails as you usually do, but to give them an even more incredible style, file them in an Almond shape.

3.I love food

The New Year is also a day to celebrate the love we feel for food. Not only can you eat delicious dishes, but you can also reflect your favorite food on your nail art.

In this happy time, where red colors dominate all others, give a different touch to love with its semi-permanent designs that will last about 21 days. In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete professional manicure kit to care for your nails!

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