Jelly Gel: a perfect 2-in-1 manicure

Do you know the ideal and quick solution to obtain a fantastic manicure despite short, brittle or unmanageable nails? The ideal solution is the Jelly Gel revolution. What is jelly gel or gel jelly, how to use and apply it? This is what we explain to you here, let’s go!

What is Jelly Gel?

Jelly Gel is your perfect solution for fragile, brittle, damaged nails. This is the ultimate trick to work your manicure with the Jelly Nails trend. With the help of Gel Jelly, which is actually a nail reconstructor gel.

Tips for Jelly Gel:

1) Polishing

The first step: polish and trim the nails. Also remember to rid the cuticles with a wooden stick.

2) Applying the gel

Use a gel brush and apply the Jelly Gel product to perfectly clean and cleansed nails.

3) Drying

Finally, dry the manicure by placing the nails under a UV or Led lamp.

4) The finish

Remove the excess with cotton wool and solvent. Finish the manicure by buffing the nails again before applying the nail polish of your choice.

In addition, you also need to take regular care for your nails by manicure kit. To discover all our material to realize your Jelly Gel nails click here.

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