Foot pain: how to get rid of it?

Feet play a very important role in our daily life. However, ultra-stressed, subject to multiple constraints, sometimes beyond bearable, the feet have many good reasons to suffer… How do we get rid of our foot pain? Keep reading!

  1. A “thorn” in the heel

The sole of the foot is supported by a fibrous membrane, which inserts on the heel bone, then widens in a triangle towards the toes. This is the plantar aponeurosis. It can ignite if it is put under too much tension, in the event of sustained stress, flat or hollow foot.

The solutions: lose weight and wear pressure-absorbing heel pads. To calm the fire too, orthopedic insoles to correct the arch.

  1. A sensitive instep

It is the joint that connects the foot to the leg. The pain is usually located on the top of the foot. It causes pain in the ankle on movement, stiffness and/or swelling.

The solutions: orthopedic insoles with reinforcement of the internal arch, analgesics, cartilage protectors with complementary active ingredients, rehabilitative physiotherapy, possibly intra- joints under radiographic control.

  1. Pain at the inner edge of the foot

When the posterior tibial tendon is pulled to the extreme due to flat feet, it causes tendonitis.

The solutions: orthopedic insoles to restore curvature to the plant, sometimes analgesic infiltrations, in the extreme a surgical correction of this flat foot.

  1. The deformed big toe

When it gradually shifts outward and deforms, we speak of hallux valgus.

The solutions: orthopedic insoles, protective sleeve for bursitis and claw. Hallux valgus can now be operated on as an outpatient, while standing is possible immediately after the operation.

  1. A burning sensation between the toes

Morton’s neuroma manifests itself between the 2nd and 3rd or the 3rd and 4th toes when walking and signs a compression of the foot by too tight footwear…

The solutions: take off your shoes immediately, and put on comfortable shoes. Compression stockings to treat venous insufficiency, and the resulting swelling, as well as specific orthopedic insoles that spread the toes to reduce friction on the nerve.

In addition to the above methods to get rid of foot pain, we should also use the foot spa kit to care for our foot regularly after a tired day. Find a lot of high quality foot care products on our site. I believe you won’t return empty-handed!

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