Chocolate Manicure


Biting your nails is certainly one of the worst habits if you want to have beautiful hands, but what about licking your nails? Now your expert nail supplier Maryton offers an edible chocolate manicure.

A delicious new trend

Ever since KFC launched edible nail polishes that you can lick off, this trend has become a real challenge for nail art fans. The chocolate manicure is made with icing and edible decoration that offer us an option for nail biting.

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Although the idea is fun and perfect for all foodies, it’s still not very pretty to look at, some people even find it gross. Also, we can’t say that it is very convenient to wear chocolate on your nails. Indeed, it is not possible to do housework, touch water, move comfortably, etc.

The interest of this chocolate manicure is therefore not aesthetic, all the pleasure is in the challenge itself and in its gourmet and original side. We spend a good time there, but afterwards we savor the effort, in the true sense of the word.

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