How to make your varnish last?

You want to take a shower or a bath, do the dishes, go to the sea or the swimming pool, but you don’t want to constantly think about your nail polish which is going to flake at any moment. Don’t worry, your expert nail supplier Maryton have the solution for you!

1. Degrease the nails

You can degrease your nails either with white vinegar or with alcohol. Any greasy residue such as a moisturizer prevents the varnish from adhering.

2Use a base

The base will not only make your polish last longer, but it will protect your nails too. But, the base coat should be thin, otherwise the varnish is at risk of falling off!

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3. Apply the varnish well

To properly apply your nail polish, start from the middle of the nail without touching the cuticle and then on each side.

4. Use the top coat

After applying the varnish, it must be protected! Remember to apply the top coat even on the edge of the nail so that the varnish doesn’t flake very quickly.

5. Use a drying oil

This oil allows you to accelerate the drying of your varnish and therefore to reduce the risk of its flaking.

6. Put on top coat

After two or three days, remember to put on a new light layer of top coat.

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