The ideal kit for nail technicians

Choosing your nail technician equipment can be a time-consuming act. Maryton nail supply, your expert nail supplier, makes it easy for you by delivering the contents of the kit from the perfect professional nail technician.

What equipment to start as a nail technician?

To start your business as an independent nail technician, you need to offer yourself the perfect manicure kit. In addition to your know-how acquired during qualifying training, professional quality equipment is absolutely essential.

Small Size Sunlight Touch Control USB UV/LED Nail Lamp Dryer with 10 PCS Lights

Electrical appliances

As a nail expert, you need electrical devices:

  • A UV or LEDdevice: allows the drying of semi-permanent varnish or nail art, the hardening of gel and acrylic for the application of false nails;
  • A sander: it saves precious time and offers an incomparable quality of work. The sander is equipped with several interchangeable cutters allowing you to achieve a perfect Russian manicure, to shape the gel or to apply semi-permanent varnish;
  • As an option, an electric table vacuum cleaner to suck up nail dust and residues of varnish and false nails. A dust brush can also perform this function by ridding the nails of fine particles.

Pointy & Plat Dual-Ended Multi-use Wooden Stick Tool for Manicure Pedicure Cuticle Pusher Remover

The small equipment of the nail technician

To do gel nails or other nail services, you also need specific equipment:

  • For the cuticles: a cuticle pusherto take off and push back the flesh;
  • For the nails: coarse grain, medium grain and fine grain files to file the surface and the free edge of the nails, false nails or to remove the gel.
  • For the realization of nail art and the shaping of false nails: manicure brushes of different sizes;
  • Possibly a nail clipper to correct the size of the nails.

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