Contact allergy due to artificial nails


There are growing misunderstandings about contact allergies. Do you know anything about contact allergies? In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton are going to take a closer look at contact allergy.

  1. What is a contact allergy?

Contact allergy is also known as contact dermatitis or contact eczema. It is usually caused by certain ingredients found in nail products. The ingredients you react to can be found in different types of products and brands.

  1. Symptoms of a contact allergy

Typically, symptoms of an allergic reaction to artificial nails appear on your fingers. The symptoms of an allergy are very similar to those of an irritation. An allergic reaction is not immediately noticeable. It can sometimes take months or even years for an allergic reaction to fully develop.

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When you have symptoms, it is important that you remove your artificial nails immediately to minimize damage. Removing your artificial nails is best done with a sander or nail file. Using nail polish remover can make your allergy symptoms worse, causing more irritation and pain. Your reaction is not to the acetone, but to the substances released during the soaking process.

  1. What to do when you have an allergic reaction and how to avoid it?

It is best to have your artificial nails removed immediately to minimize damage. The longer you leave your nails on, the worse the symptoms get. By removing your artificial nails, the epidermis regenerates and the allergic reaction or irritation ceases.

To avoid skin allergy, it is recommended to avoid long-term and repeated skin contact with certain substances. Symptoms will reappear, in all cases, upon further exposure to the substance causing the allergy. If you accidentally come into contact with the allergen that is causing an allergic reaction, you can temporarily use a corticosteroid cream.

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